Shanghai Lingqiao E.P.E.W. Co., Ltd.


Environmental Protection Equipment Works Co., Ltd.

(LH) has been a leading manufacturer in the air filtration industry since 1983. LH specializes in the production of ePTFE membrane, HEPA media, filter bags and variety of other high grade PTFE products.

As the very first company to develop PTFE membrane in the Chinese market, LH as continued to be an innovator and world leader for over three decades. Customized products along with tailoredservice for our customers has made LH a name of quality in the Asian and European Market. Whether it’s filter bags, HEPA media or filtered solutions, LH has always been first in quality and service.

We never sacrifice quality for the sake of cost. Our target is bringing you the future of filtration technology!

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LH Establishment
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ePTFE Membrane


ePTFE Membrane


PTFE Fibers


1st 100% PTFE   
Filter Bag


  First PTFE Felt
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Filter Bag


Shanghai Lingqiao Strengths in the World Market

  • Improved lives through providing Clean Air
    “It’s Our PASSION”;

  • We help our customers be On-Budget and On-Schedule through high quality and dependable manufacturing;

  • Taking care of customers to give them what THEY need;

  • Delivering value to every customer through each product;

  • Providing the world with a cleaner environment through LH innovation;

  • A record of innovation by production of world class ePTFE membranes;

  • A close-knit team that empowers others to be Team Leaders and Innovatorss to give them what THEY need for 3 decades;

  • Dedicated to increasing productivity in manufacturing environments through providing clean and healthy air for over three decades;

  • Delivering Best-In-Class products and services to achieve PM2.5 for over two decades;

  • A world leader in Pollution Control.


R&D and QC

Strict QC measures are applied through online and laboratory testing. Each meter of product is quality sampled through advanced technology and certified by third-party testing. Quality is something LH takes serious. A 60-member team has been carefully selected and trained by qualified technicians that work hard to give our customers top quality products and services. Through highly trained QC and Production teams, LH has developed the highest grade ePTFE products for applications that demand the best. The choice for the best products and service starts with LH. The rest is your success!

Quality Certificate issued for every order:

  • JSM-6510 (JEOL) Scanning Electron Microscope to check membrane structure and uniformity;

  • AFT-8130 (TSI) Filtration Efficiency Measurement;

  • 3H-2000PB Membrane Pore Size Analyzer;

  • YG461E Digital Air Permeability Measurement Unit;

  • YG026C Digital Instron to measure tensile strengths and elongations;

  • Caliper to measure thickness;

  • Oven to measure shrinkage;

  • MIT flex measuring device.