Shanghai Lingqiao E.P.E.W. Co., Ltd.

As an innovative leading manufacturer in air filtration industry since 1983, Shanghai LingQiao E.P.E.W. Co., Ltd specializes in the production of ePTFE HEPA filter media, advanced filter bags, and all kinds of felts & roll goods.

35 Years of Innovation

30+ Years of OEM Background and Knowledge

25+ Years Production of World Class ePTFE Membrane and Lamination

20+ Years Achievements in PM 2.5

Pioneer to Apply PTFE Scrim to Filter Media since 2002

Pioneer to Apply PTFE Felt Bags to Incineration since 2006

Pioneer to Bring “Zero Emission” Technology to the Market

Most Experienced in the Production and Application of PTFE Felt Bags

Improved lives through providing Clean Air
“It’s Our PASSION!”

Innovation & Quality
You Can Count On